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AwokerR's News

Posted by AwokerR - September 5th, 2014

Hi, artists,

I’m Sergio and I’m the CEO of Awoker Games and Game designer of Phoenix Force, the #1 fantasy boss shooter game: www.PhoenixForceGame.com

I need a 1 minute promotional animation to tease players about the game and the new features. This video will be part of a crowdfunding campaign and will be the new trailer of the game.


This is the proposed storyboard for the animation, where a few scenes are going to be recorded in-game, but most will be created specifically by you.


Please post on this thread instead of sending me PM too early.



Posted by AwokerR - April 29th, 2012

Making a game in only 48 hours is a great challenge. Enjoy my creation.

Help the tiny mite Bernardo get strong and date the girl of his life.

Click to play

I made a game in 48h!

Posted by AwokerR - May 14th, 2011

The first time on my life I get the daily feature prize!
Oh My! So happy!
It's hard to express such a feeling! =D



Diepix Arena 2 - Daily Feature!

Posted by AwokerR - November 9th, 2010

In the past, our attack against the humans failed, but this time, we won't fail. You must fight off humanity's defense lines, but beware; they have built a special energy field that will try to make you dizzy! Everything will be much harder than a common arcade shooter game...

P or space bar - pause game
M and N - Mute music and Sfx
Arrow keys - Move
S - Shot
D - Drop bomb
There are extra instructions in-game.

It was reviewed by Jay is games, click to read the review.


The Nokkians 2 released!

Posted by AwokerR - March 26th, 2010

The Nokkians 1 is my first sponsored game, where you are a hero that have to defend the Earth against an alien specie called "Nokkian". The game is a shooter where the screen keeps moving, resizing, changing its color and rotation. It's based on Distopix, a game that was made by a dear friend of mine. Some people are my fans just because of this game, if you haven't played it yet, Click here to play The Nokkians 1.

The Nokkians 2 is being developed 1 year after The Nokkians 1 and I've earned a lot of experience in Flash Game Development, so it will have a lot of new features, see the new features here.

The Nokkians 2 - Under Development

Posted by AwokerR - October 16th, 2009

Well here it is, I hope you enjoy the preview, all comments about the game and that stuff are welcoming!

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Posted by AwokerR - September 25th, 2009

In the beginning of this year, I wrote a list about what I wanted to achieve in my developer life in 2009, but I lost it and just found it a few days ago, I read it and realised that I achieved around of 80 of them; I got really happy with my results. Some of the most importants were:

1 - Get a trophy on Newgrounds;
2 - Get a game with rating 4.00 (NG) or more;
3 - Get a game with rating 3.45 (Kongregate) or more;
4 - Get a game at Kongregate's "Hot New Games" section;
5 - Reach a total of 1.000.000 gameplays.
6 - Reach a total of 500.000 gameplays (single game).

I'm going to write a list of 100 Achievements in 2010. This achievement will be one of the most importants:

- Get a daily feature trophy on Newgrounds.

I hope to get at least 80 of them.
I'm glad for your attention,
Awoke :]

A list of 100 Achievements!

Posted by AwokerR - September 7th, 2009

Most people probably doesn't know that StarBox - one of my latest games - is the last sequel of Black'n'White 1, which was my first game.
In fact, the game was going to be called as "Black'n'White 3", but the sponsor - King.com - decided that was better to release the game with another name, because Black'n'White 1 & 2 weren't well distributed in the internet, and people prefer sequels when they already know the prequel.

Also,Starbox has a lot of new features and much better graphics (most black'n'white and a few of yellow and red). if you haven't played yet -> Play StarBox!

Enter the StarBox to test your ultimate survival and star-collecting skills. Inside, you will find 15 mazes filled with awesome obstacles, adrenaline pumping music and 30 awards. Are you skilled enough to survive the box and come out with all the stars?

Black'n'White 1
Black'n'White 2

StarBox Walkthrough

/* */
Your comment is welcome and I'm glad for your attention,

Black'n'White, Black'n'White 2... ?STARBOX? [PLAY IT]

Posted by AwokerR - August 21st, 2009


Diepix Arena is filled with 25 Fast-Paced Waves of Adrenaline and awesome soundtrack! Set one of the three levels of difficulty and go fight! After you should submit your score and challenge your friends.
Instructions: All you need are the WASD keys and a mouse.
Please recommend this for a collection!

YOUR COMMENTS ARE WELCOME! I'm glad for your attention,

"The Best thing is to learn. The money can be lost or stolen, the health and strength may fail, but what you dedicated to your mind it's your forever."
(Louis L.Amour)

Diepix Arena! - NEW game

Posted by AwokerR - August 19th, 2009

Diepix Arena: 25 Fast-Paced Waves of Adrenaline and awesome soundtrack!
Launch Date: 08/21
I'm glad for having FastGames.com as my sponsor. You should visit Their WebSite!

I'm glad for your attention,

"The Best thing is to learn. The money can be lost or stolen, the health and strength may fail, but what you dedicated to your mind it's your forever."
(Louis L.Amour)

Diepix Arena - This Friday